1st Annual Fontana Community BBQ

Local Police Officer Associations come together to participate in a community BBQ event to support unity within our communities. The event was hosted by the Fontana Police Officers Association. Redlands Police Officer’s Foundation (RPOF) member Det. Corey Hunt, assisted by Det. Patrick Leivas and Jaimeson Liu, take home the 1st place chicken and 2nd place ribs medals at the Unity in the Community event. The prize money won went to fund charities within the community. Unity in the Community!

Savannah Adams Golf Tournament

The Redlands Police Officers Foundation was a proud sponsor of the Savannah Adams College Tuition Fund Golf Tournament. The tournament raised college funds for Savannah Adams, the 2 year old surviving daughter of Robert Adams who was one of the 14 killed during the terrorist attack in San Bernardino on December 2nd, 2015. RPOF Competition BBQ team members Corey Hunt & Jeff McCurdy treated US Marine Sgt. Justin Platero and Pfc. Nik Kyriss to play golf with them in the tournament as gratitude for their service in the US Marines!


The Redlands Police Officer's Foundation attended the Redlands Oktoberfest selling T-shirts. The proceeds from the sales went to worthy causes with the community, such as breast cancer foundations, victims of crimes, sponsoring scholarships, youth programs, sponsoring community events, etc. Thank you for showing your community support!

Middle School Blue Collar Athletes

The RPOA assisted Blue Collar Athletics with kids at Moore middle school to get a better understanding on the importance of physical fitness and using your core while balancing. The kids were amazing and were very thankful for our support. It’s important to have a great relationship with not only the community but the children of the community.

RCH Annual Donation Appreciation State of the Hospital Luncheon

Redlands Police Officer’s Foundation donate funds to help RCH NICU babies and their parents.

Christmas Block Party

The Redlands Police Officer’s Foundation is one of the big sponsors every year for the Christmas block party. The RPOF has donated to the event annual to assist families who are unable to enjoy the luxuries of a traditional Christmas celebration, by providing toys and presents for the children of these families. Thousands of children were provided toys at the event. Children and their families also enjoyed food, arts, crafts, and other fun activities. Thank you to all the sponsors who helped make this a successful event!

Remembering December 2, 2015 Stars of Hope

The RPD family came to work on Dec. 1, 2016 to a warm welcome...The Emergency Health Services (EHS) survivors and families decorated a tree outside of the Redlands Police administration building with stars of hope. The RPD family appreciates the support of EHS community. Your stars of hope bring us hope in the most dangerous time for law enforcement in our nations history. Thank you!